Ophthalmology 21

Epidemiology and treatment of myopia in children

Objectives of the education programme:

creation of an experience exchange group on non-surgical treatment of myopia

to present and discuss in detail the epidemiology, risk factors, and treatment strategies for myopia in children, i.e. atropine in different concentrations, orthokeratology and multifocal contact lenses,

periodically providing ophthalmologists with knowledge on the most effective methods of correcting myopia used both in Poland and abroad.

Programme assumptions:

1. annual one-day MIOPIA workshop with foreign lecturers (using the experience of practitioners using the methods for educational purposes) - latest reports from the field of myopia treatment, presentation/talking of interesting cases, discussion

2. knowledge exchange platform www.miopia.pl, which had two modules:

- open to all, with basic information on available treatments for myopia

- closed to group members, where the following were available::

- workshop materials

- articles from the Polish and foreign press on short-sightedness

- the European Netowork for Myopia Control news and mailing panel, which allowed people to share a case, consult a problem, give their point of view