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Presbyopia - science for innovation, innovation for science

"PRESBYOPIA - science for innovation, innovation for science".


Presbyopia is one of the main areas of activity undertaken by the Foundation for Supporting the Development of Ophthalmology "OKULISTYKA 21". The aim of the Foundation's activities is to improve the quality, modernisation and comprehensiveness of presbyopia treatment methods, as well as to conduct scientific, educational and informational activities in this area.


The scale of the phenomenon is enormous, and in the face of data on the level of knowledge and awareness of the condition among the public - i.e. data indicating that as many as 75% people in the world do not know what presbyopia is, the need to intensify scientific activities and research and development is highly justified.


Presbyopia is and is likely to remain a challenge in ophthalmology for a long time to come. Presbyopia is currently a source of enormous expense and reduced quality of life. The incompletely understood process of its formation, the link between presbyopia and quality of life in modern society and, at the same time, its apparent correction, creates an important area of research and information exchange between scientists and industry.


The Foundation for the Advancement of Ophthalmology "OKULISTYKA 21", with the problem of presbyopia in mind is implementing the project 'PRESBIOPIA - science for innovation, innovation for science' from 2 December 2019 to 1 December 2021. The project, subsidised with PLN 276,868.00 from the funds of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within the DIALOG programme.


The project will implement the following activities:

1. Creation of a scientific portal on presbyopia as a platform for cooperation and dialogue between the worlds of science and business in order to improve the effectiveness of science-business cooperation, promote good practice in innovation, initiate research on presbyopia and target growth in innovation processes and the commercialisation of research results, as well as to disseminate knowledge on the relationship between science, innovation and the socio-economic sphere;


2. Organisation of Presbyopia Forums - economic and scientific meetingswhich will be aimed at exchanging information between the scientific and economic communities and improving products used on the market, improving the effectiveness of cooperation between science and the socio-economic environment, promoting good practice in innovation, as well as strengthening scientific and teaching staff, increasing the quality and competitiveness of scientific research, stimulating innovation and implementing mechanisms for cooperation between science and the economy.


3. Development of examination standards for patients undergoing presbyopia correction in terms of:

1) spectacle correction,

2) correction with contact lenses,

3) corneal surgery,

4. lens surgery

Project website: www.prezbiopia.pl

The aim of developing the standards will be to improve the effectiveness of cooperation between science and the socio-economic environment and to implement measures to promote good practice in innovation. The steps planned in the project will serve to develop and adapt modern anti-presbyopia solutions for people over 40.