Ophthalmology 21

Let's go outside

In 2019, as the Foundation for Supporting the Development of Ophthalmology "Ophthalmology 21", together with the City of Poznań, we ran a prevention campaign on myopia in the youngest under the title - "Let's go outdoors".

The projects targeted children aged 4-15 years (pre-school age) and their parents. The aim of the project was to increase knowledge of the prevention of myopia and what behaviour and habits contribute to its development. The campaign took place in the city of Poznań. 

A website was created during the project: www.wzrokmoichdzieci.pl, a permanent and reliable source of information on myopia. We invite you to explore the site.

In the same year, the Foundation also ran a project entitled "Short-sightedness - education of the inhabitants of Poznań County", financed by the Poviat Starosty in Poznań.

Below is also the film spot that was created to promote the campaign.